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NAI’s Enhanced Standards for Precise Location Information Demonstrate Industry Leadership

The Precise Location Information Solution Provider Voluntary Enhanced Standards that we recently launched go beyond existing industry and legal requirements for precise location data, and we’re excited to have Cuebiq, Foursquare and Precisely PlaceIQ as the initial members agreeing to make this higher-level commitment to privacy for consumer’s location data.

The Enhanced Standards create restrictions on the use, sale, or transfer of location data correlating to Sensitive Points of Interest, which include places tied to religious worship, sensitive healthcare services, military bases, LGBTQ+ identity, and other places that consumers are likely to consider to be sensitive. It also places limits on the use, sale, or transfer of Precise Location Information for law enforcement, national security, or bounty-hunting purposes except as needed to comply with a valid legal obligation.

The Standards apply to those NAI members that voluntarily commit to them, and they will be subject to the NAI’s compliance and enforcement process. If it’s found that a participating member company did not maintain a directory of Sensitive POIs, or knowingly permitted the sale of Precise Location Info for bounty hunting purposes, those violations would be subject to enforcement by the NAI or potentially the Federal Trade Commission based on participating members’ public representations of compliance.

We believe that protecting consumer privacy and transparency is key for trust between our member companies and consumers so that we can continue to provide location-based advertising and marketing, and the benefits that go along with that. Companies that commit to these Enhanced Standards will stand out as for their commitment to privacy and transparency about their uses of location data.

See the Enhanced Standards, including the full list of sensitive places, here.

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