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Clickagy empowers the world’s top brands and agencies to reach their ideal audiences with high-precision data, at internet-scale. Never modeled or “fuzzy”, all Clickagy segments are built from directly observed, deterministic behaviors, driving unprecedented ROI.

Marketers truly looking to further maximize their ROAS can leverage Audience Lab: a simple but powerful platform where granular behavioral traits can be combined into a blueprint, generating custom segments with surgical accuracy. Audience Lab offers a significant competitive advantage as each audience is custom and never resold, there’s complete transparency into why each visitor is targeted, and it gives the flexibility to modify and improve the audience every day. Working across all verticals, Audience Lab is frequently used for prospecting (researching relevant content), conquesting (researching competitors), and audience refinement (first party audiences blended with Clickagy data). Integration is quick and easy too – most clients are delivering data and improving KPIs within 48 hours!

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