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Ad Delivery and Reporting (ADR)

Ad Delivery and Reporting (ADR) is separate and distinct from Tailored Advertising, and it refers to the collection or use of data about a browser or device for the purpose of delivering ads or providing advertising-related services, including, but not limited to: providing a specific advertisement based on a particular type of browser, device, time of day, or real-time precise location; statistical reporting, traffic analysis, analytics, optimization of ad placement; ad performance, reach, and frequency metrics (including frequency capping); sequencing of advertising creatives; billing; and logging the number and type of ads served on a particular day to a particular website, application, or device. ADR does not include data collection and use for security and fraud prevention. If data collected through ADR is later used to tailor advertising based on interests known or inferred from such data, such use shall be treated as Tailored Advertising under this Code. 

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