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Will Privacy Be Discussed During AdWeek in New York?

When NAI is there, most definitely.  We understand the privacy challenges faced by our members and the brands they partner with.  In fact, here at NAI, we are working on them every day.

Companies big and small are looking to target across channels, formats, screens and platforms in an effort to reach consumers at every point in the purchase funnel.  Yet significant challenges remain for all companies to truly leverage data for effective and efficient marketing uses.  That includes first-party, third-party and even second-party data, not to mention a brand’s own CRM data.  The goal is to reach the right customers at the right time with the most relevant ad —perhaps even in the right location. 

A lot of the debate at AdWeek will center on next generation tracking and state maintenance as the utility and reach of http cookies dwindles.  How will companies — and more importantly, our entire industry — resolve the pressing questions about cross device tracking and measurement?  This tees up a range of critical issues, including the role of technology, competition, scalability, efficiency, integrity and personalization.  It also raises questions about the ability for brands and publishers to provide consumers the digital experience they want — a consistent, dynamic, engaging and relevant experience across all their devices. 

As advertising experts debate the best way to approach these issues at this week’s panels and events, NAI staff will be right there weighing in with recommendations about the responsible collection and use of data for digital advertising in this amazing cross-device world.  This core issue continues to be hot — and not just among wonks in Washington and Brussels.  Read the Economist or the WSJ during the past few weeks for a small sample of the questions being raised about responsible data collection.  As we innovate and create new business models and technologies to provide consumers with fantastic experiences and relevant advertising, we must also bake in privacy by design — taking into account central questions about notice, choice, transparency, user control, data security and acceptability. 

This is our role at NAI, as a non-profit membership organization and the leading self-regulatory association dedicated to responsible data collection and its use for digital advertising.  The NAI Code requirements are designed with generally accepted Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPS) in mind.  We continue to explore how these core principles apply in different contexts in an evolving technology landscape, while remaining technology and business model neutral. 

Here at NAI, we will be releasing guidance on the world beyond cookies in the near future to help ensure that rapidly developing technologies for our multi-screen world are deployed in a way that promotes consumer trust and is embraced by brands that care deeply about their reputation and customer relationships.  Stay tuned.  And more importantly, join us in our work setting high standards for digital advertising — the long-term health of the online ecosystem depends on our collective ability to maintain responsible data collection.

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