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US Internet Users Understand and Value Interest-Based Advertising, According to DAA Survey

Recently, the DAA announced the results of a poll that surveyed 1,000 US adults on their attitudes and opinions regarding online advertising and interest-based ads.  The survey findings indicate that US Internet users are becoming more savvy about Internet advertising and the massive amount of content it supports, and are largely comfortable with the value-for-value exchange that interest-based advertising represents.  

By substantial margins, poll respondents valued free content, and reaffirmed their preference for the advertising-driven economic engine that supports that content. 

Another thing that’s clear is that, when given the choice, Americans prefer to see ads that reflect their interests. The fact that Internet users prefer ads that reflect their interests over Internet ads for random products and services only makes effective industry self-regulation more important.  That’s where groups like the NAI and DAA come in. The NAI’s role is to ensure the health of the online ecosystem by maintaining and enforcing high standards for data collection and use in online advertising. 

To see the complete results of this important survey, visit: 

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