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The NAI Emphasizes Privacy, Trust and Accountability with the Launch of Our New Website at

The NAI is proud to announce a refreshed brand identity and modern website to reflect the growth and expanding mission of our organization, members, and industry. As the NAI continues to grow and evolve through new members, guidance, and advocacy, the time had come to refresh our look and online presence to emphasize how our mission has also expanded, particularly over the past several years:

Foster trust and provide accountability in digital advertising.

In developing our updated logo, the trio of colorful interlocked circles symbolize our three primary values and three key audiences. With the “NAI” wordmark, they make up the new NAI logo.

The digital advertising industry and our member companies are the first of three audiences the NAI serves. Companies and members benefit from our self-regulatory leadership, resources, and public policy advocacy.

Policymakers make up the second audience of the NAI. We have greatly increased our resources over the last several years to better inform policymakers and stakeholders on the benefits of data-driven advertising, and how privacy and advertising are not mutually exclusive.

Consumers are the third audience of the NAI. Through our commitment to providing an efficient Opt-Out tool, the NAI proactively engages consumers about collection and use of their data for advertising and marketing, and enabling choice. The NAI believes that tailored advertising benefits consumers and we strive to enhance broad recognition that it shouldn’t come at the expense of consumer privacy.

With these three audiences, we focused on the common pillars that bring value to each audience. Privacy, a key priority for each audience and the NAI self-regulatory program; Trust, a long-standing value of the NAI and the self-regulatory process; and Accountability, the basis for both current self-regulation, as well as evolving models of co-regulation.

Moving from to

Built around our new colors, logo, and our three audiences and values, the new website will be easier to use for each of our audiences at its new home: Our previous web address,, will automatically redirect you to our new website.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to update our branding and the website address on our materials. For member companies who use the logo as part of their site, please contact us by email at for our new logo.

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