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Technical Specifications Established to Support Enhanced Consumer Notice

The NAI and IAB have released the CLEAR (Control Links for Education and Advertising Responsibly) Ad Notice Technical Specifications. Read the CLEAR Ad Notice Technical Specifications and the accompanying release.

The CLEAR specification provides a template for data that can travel with an ad (metadata), which provides information about the companies involved in that ad placement, whether behavioral information was used, and how to exercise choices regarding such advertising. The information conveyed through metadata will give publishers, advertisers, and ad networks the flexibility to adopt innovative approaches to enhanced consumer disclosures.

As the digital advertising industry moves to deploy a clickable icon in or near online ads, the CLEAR specification provides a technical foundation that will enable consumers who click the icon to receive detailed information about ads based on their interests and behaviors.

Industry agreement on this specification is an important step forward towards implementation of enhanced notice, and the NAI looks forward to working with other leading associations to begin testing and deployment.

–Chuck Curran, NAI Executive Director

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