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Privacy-Focused Ad Industry Leaders to Convene at NAI Meetup @ Brand Safety Week

How digital advertising companies maneuver the ever-changing regulatory landscape for privacy and digital advertising is becoming more difficult – even as companies’ commitment to consumer privacy as a brand value is growing.

To reinforce and explain the opportunities and risks around consumer privacy, the Network Advertising Initiative is hosting an event at Brand Safety Week on November 3, 2022. Joining the NAI Meetup @ Brand Safety Week at One Liberty Plaza in New York is free for NAI members. The panels, which will be held from 1:30 – 4:00 pm ET, will feature privacy experts from leading platforms, data companies, brands, and agencies. The event will feature lively discussions about what new technologies, laws, and consumer expectations around privacy mean for the present and future of digital advertising.

These in-depth conversations will also investigate the best practices to successfully navigate the changing regulatory landscape. The primary themes to be discussed include:

Returns and risk – Can privacy be a brand value? Or is it only a risk management issue?

As privacy takes center stage in global policy debates, consumer data use for tailored content and advertising is facing increased scrutiny and, in some cases, calls for outright bans on data collection. The industry must figure out how in this highly critical environment, brands can interact with their customers, and acquire new ones, in a privacy-safe way.

Managing targeted ad buys in a privacy-focused environment

Agencies and brands face a myriad of challenges when it comes to managing and implementing brand campaigns, and privacy concerns are a relatively new addition to these challenges. Weaving privacy-centric solutions into brand strategies and integrating privacy-safe advertising solutions while still achieving campaign goals is how we can stay ahead of these new challenges.

Using precise location data without a privacy meltdown

Agencies and advertisers need to work with location data partners that have a shared focus on data integrity and consumer privacy, especially in this current regulatory landscape. The NAI’s enhanced location data standards, which set limitations on the use of data about sensitive locations and put consumer privacy first. These Standards help to enable location data as a continued crucial role in brand marketing.

Privacy-related threats and opportunities

This year has come with some of the industry’s most pressing privacy-related challenges and opportunities; the proposed FTC rulemaking, Congressional action on data privacy, California’s CPRA implementation and enforcement, additional state privacy initiatives, and platform controls. Identifying the challenges facing the industry and highlighting the opportunities for real solutions will bring stability and growth to the industry.

Holding cross-industry and cross-trade dialogues like these is how the NAI continues to develop new privacy frameworks and technical standards that balance the needs of consumers and businesses. We’re looking forward to seeing you in NYC on November 3!

Register for the event here.

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