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OMB Announces New Federal Privacy Council; Lauds Work of Former NAI President Marc Gorman

The Office of Management and Budget Director Shaun Donovan delivered a speech this week during the Federal Privacy Summit in Washington, DC.

During the speech, which focused on the Obama Administration’s efforts to protect privacy, Donovan announced the creation of a new Federal Privacy Council. This Council, which Donovan said will be modeled on the Federal CIO Council, will “serve as an ecosystem for strategic thinking” by bringing together departmental privacy officers from across the government in order to share best practices and develop better policies.

“It is time to stop re-inventing the privacy wheel at agencies and do a better job of leveraging the success of each agency’s related efforts,” Donovan said.

The creation of this Council is part of ongoing efforts at OMB to address privacy issues. Former NAI president Marc Groman currently serves as Senior Advisor for Privacy for OMB. In this role, he has been meeting with privacy professionals working in government and formulating strategies for progress. About Groman, Donovan said, “Few people are as passionate about privacy as Marc and he brings a tremendous amount of experience, energy and enthusiasm to the position. He is also practical and solution oriented, which is critical for privacy professionals today.”

The full speech is available here.

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