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Off and Running!

It’s my first official day as NAI’s new President and CEO and I am eager to get started. I’ve been working with Marc Groman, Board members and staff for the past couple of weeks to ensure a smooth transition. I’m greatly impressed with the dedication and teamwork of everyone involved with NAI and I’m ready to get started!

I’m starting my job during an exciting time at NAI. In a couple of weeks we will be releasing our 2014 Annual Compliance Report. The Report provides a summary of members’ adherence to the NAI Code of Conduct based on findings from the NAI staff’s ongoing monitoring processes during the 2014 compliance period. Accountability is a cornerstone of what we do at NAI, and we devote an incredible amount of resources and time to our compliance program. I was able to see the NAI compliance staff in action as they worked to finalize the report and am excited for its release to the public.

In the coming weeks we will also announce updates to the Code and guidance for member use of non-cookie technologies and much much more.

As I mentioned in my guest post, I look forward to meeting NAI members at the 2015 NAI Member Summit in New York City on Thursday, May 21. This event is a great opportunity for NAI members to learn about the important issues that our industry faces today, from innovation and changing technologies to new business models that enable brands to more effectively engage with their customers across screens, devices and platforms.

I look forward to meeting all our members and colleagues. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at 202-347-7305.

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