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Non-Cookie Technologies FAQ

The NAI has released its Guidance for NAI Members: Use of Non-Cookie Technologies for Interest-Based Advertising Consistent with the NAI principles and Code of Conduct (Beyond Cookies Guidance). This Guidance was created to help NAI members use non-cookie technologies in a manner consistent with the NAI Code of Conduct. The following are some FAQs on Non-Cookie Technologies:

Non-cookie technologies are mechanisms, other than cookies, used to distinguish your browser from others, These technologies can include browser cache, locally stored objects (LSO’s), or statistical identifiers. Such identifiers are used for many purposes including, but not limited to, ensuring your online banking is secure, preventing online advertising fraud, or to engage in Interest-Based Advertising or Ad Delivery and Reporting.

Statistical identifiers are identifiers calculated from the characteristics of your browser or device that distinguishes it from other browsers or devices. These identifiers are calculated either from the data your browser or device shares automatically (passive) or with additional data specifically requested from your browser or device (active).

NAI is in the process of working with its members to help them understand and implement the Beyond Cookies Guidance during an implementation period. During this implementation period, NAI has hosted several webinars for members to more fully understand the Guidance and their obligations under the Code of Conduct when using non-cookie technologies for Interest-Based Advertising or Ad Delivery and Reporting. NAI has also worked with members to integrate with the new opt-out tool that facilitates controls of non-cookie technologies and enables members to provide additional transparency around non-cookie technologies. Examples of some transparency requirements may be found in Addendum A.

The implementation period runs through April 16, 2017, with enforcement beginning April 17, 2017. NAI members make up a wide variety of companies throughout the ad-tech ecosystem. Integrating a new opt-out technology that serves all corners of the 3rd party ecosystem requires additional testing to ensure consumer opt outs are effective.

NAI developed a new centralized opt-out tool. This new tool is designed to inform consumers when NAI members use non-cookie technologies for Interest-Based Advertising, as well as to offer a redesigned opt-out experience. NAI will work with members to test the new tool during the Implementation Period. The tool is initially offered in beta to reflect that this is the first time it is being released to the public and the NAI expects to find opportunities for further improvement.

Yes, when a user opts out of Interest-Based Advertising, NAI members honor that choice regardless of the technologies they may use.

Yes. NAI members that use non-cookie technologies are required to provide links to an IBA opt-out on their own websites. NAI members are also required to appear on the NAI’s centralized industry opt out. From the NAI opt out page, users can see which members use non-cookie technology for IBA, accompanied by links to more information in each company’s privacy policy.

We have provided some language to help guide NAI members and partner websites in Addendum A.