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New Choice Tools Available Now: What You Need to Know

We are thrilled to announce that new versions of our easy-to-use consumer choice tools for setting preferences regarding Interest-Based Advertising (IBA) data collection and use are available now!  Rolled out jointly with the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), the tools (initially launched in beta) are the first to offer user choice for both cookie-based and non-cookie technologies for IBA.

In short, the tools tell consumers what they need to know to quickly and easily set their preferences for the latest technologies in digital advertising data collection and use.

The most significant improvements to the tools are:

  • Enhanced user experience,
  • Ability for companies to easily disclose to consumers their use of both cookie-based and non-cookie technologies for digital Interest-Based Advertising (IBA)
  • A faster setup and response time during use, and
  • Improved controls for users to opt-out of such use.

The new versions of the tools represent everything that is great about NAI. Designed and developed by our technology experts, they are the product of two years of collaborative work between our staff and our member companies. Consistent, open communication with our members is a hallmark of NAI and the insight and feedback members provided on the new tools was invaluable.

The new choice tools also show why self-regulation works and is effective. Self-regulation provides flexibility to allow a constant re-evaluation of new technologies. NAI, working with its member companies, was able to enhance consumer choice tools to adopt and integrate new technologies.

What NAI member companies need to know:

What consumers need to know:

  • The updated tools offer a significantly improved consumer experience. You should expect a simplified, mobile-responsive interface; a reduced need to modify browser settings for successful opt-outs; and a real-time status check that reports the use of both cookie-based and non-cookie technologies. You can find the NAI tool online at
  • You can see a demo to learn how to use the tool on NAI’s YouTube channel at
  • If you have already used the old NAI or DAA choice tools to express your digital advertising preferences, those preferences will not be changed by the new version of the tools. But, because the updated tools cover both cookie-based and non-cookie technology, you should use the new versions if you wish to opt-out of companies using non-cookie technologies for IBA.

These tools reflect the ongoing collaboration between NAI and DAA, the two industry-leading self-regulatory organizations for digital advertising. We are proud of our work with the DAA on these updated tools, showcasing our industry’s dedication to transparency and enhancing consumer experience and choice in this ever-evolving landscape.

We hope you’ll check them out.

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