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Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) Announces Industry Speaking Line Up for Fall

NAI Staff and Board Members to Discuss Industry Self-Regulation for Online Advertising, Consumer Privacy, Do Not Track, and Rapidly-Evolving Business Models and Technologies Across Industry Events This Fall

Today, Programmatic I/O kicks off a robust fall speaking circuit for NAI staff and board members.  See below for a list of where we’ll be and when over the next few months. We hope to run into many of our members along the way! If you would like to schedule an on-site meeting with us at any of these events, feel free to coordinate through Carla Rudder, Blast PR:

Programmatic I/O – September 16, New York, NY

– Speaker: Alan Chapell, Vice-Chairman, NAI Board of Directors

– Session: 11:40am – Cookies and Consumer Privacy

Email Sender and Provider Coalition Annual Meeting – September 17, Washington, DC

– Speaker: Jack Hobaugh, Counsel and Senior Director of Technology

– Session: 1:45-4:45pm – Track 2, Session 1, “Do Not Track”

– Summary: Jack will address key issues such as the W3C TPWG process; DNT moves made by browsers and what those signal; challenges for adoption of DNT as a standard and alternatives if DNT standard is not adopted; whether legislation is on the horizon; and what the current status of DNT may mean for ESPC, mobile, social and online advertising as a whole.

OMMA Global: OMMA Display – September 23-24, New York, NY

– Speaker: Marc Groman, Executive Director and General Counsel

– Session: Sept. 23 at 5:00pm – “Panel: Cookie Wars: Is It Time to Face Up To The Post-Cookie World?”

– Summary: Marc will give an industry representative perspective on the future of the cookie, the real meaning of “Do Not Track,” how DNT and other moves by browsers will affect the use of cookies for third-party data companies, what other tracking technologies may be on the horizon, and cite the NAI Mobile Application Code as guidance for mobile-specific concerns.

Personal Data Meet Up – September 23, New York, NY

– Speaker: Marc Groman, Executive Director and General Counsel

– Session: 6:30pm

– Summary: The mission of this meet up is to expand the conversation around personal data, as it relates to the new-web, devices, apps and anywhere else digitized personal data is being created. Marc will be speaking about do not track, the future of the http cookie, online privacy and the important role of industry self-regulation in 2013.

IAPP Privacy Academy – September 30-October 2, Seattle, WA 

– Speaker: Alan Chapell, Vice-Chairman, NAI Board of Directors

– Moderator: Marc Groman, Executive Director and General Counsel

– Session: Oct. 2 9:00am – “Is There a Technology Arms Race?”

– Summary: This panel will explore the suggestion that the advertising industry is engaged in a technological arms race with browser companies from the perspective of third-party technology companies and intermediaries.  More importantly, the panelists will discuss possible solutions to avoid such an arms race that benefits everyone – most importantly consumers.

DataWeek – September 28-October 3, San Francisco, CA

– Speakers: Marc Groman, Executive Director and Noga Rosenthal, General Counsel

– Session: Oct. 3 at 4:00pm – “Why Self-Regulation for Data Companies is More Relevant Than Ever”

– Summary: The panel will detail how self-regulation is promoting the overall health of the online advertising ecosystem and a win-win-win for consumers, industry, and regulators.

– NAI is also an official media partner of DataWeek

Data Protection and Privacy Law CLE – October 29, New York, NY

– Speaker: Marc Groman, Executive Director and General Counsel

– Session: 6:00-8:00pm – “Privacy Law, Consumer Tracking & the Future of the Digital Landscape”

IAPP Practical Privacy Series – November 6-7, New York, NY

– Speaker: Marc Groman, Executive Director and General Counsel

– Session: Nov. 7 10:45am – “Behavioral Advertising, Do Not Track and Other Tracking Practices”

– Summary: Discussion of how interactive companies, trade associations, regulators and advocacy groups continue to try and find the right balance between collection of data and consumer privacy.

Inside Mobile Apps Conference – December 3-4, New York, NY

– Speaker: Anthony Prestia, Associate Counsel for Policy and Technology

– Session: Panel – The Future of Mobile Advertising

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