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NAI Summit 2015 was a Huge Success

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We are pleased to report that the 2015 NAI Summit was a great success!  The day-long event featured five panel discussions on timely and wide-ranging topics (See the full agenda here) as well as a keynote presentation from U.S. Department of Commerce General Counsel Kelly Welsh.

To begin the Summit, NAI CEO Leigh Freund offered a reflection on the recent achievements of NAI from releasing the 2014 Compliance Report to updating the NAI Code of Conduct and rolling out the Beyond Cookies Guidance.  She said, “The updated Code and Beyond Cookies Guidance demonstrate that self-regulation doesn’t have to hold business back.  Rather, they show that NAI is constantly striving to help our members continue to lead innovation in digital advertising.”

Leigh also noted the value of self-regulation saying, “NAI is flexible, nimble and agile – making us able to quickly respond to changes in a constantly evolving technological landscape.  NAI is a model for how an industry that best knows itself can best regulate itself.”  Finally, she offered a view for the future.  She said, “We are an organization that tackles the complex privacy issues facing our members by working with you to accomplish several goals: first, understanding your evolving business models and technologies; second, considering what privacy concerns need to be addressed; and third, determining the best way to craft policies that are both meaningful and feasible to follow. 

The full transcript of Leigh’s remarks can be found below.

Following Leigh’s opening remarks, Jeanette Fitzgerald, who is EVP, general counsel & chief privacy officer at Epsilon took the stage.  Setting the scene for the Summit discussions she said, “For the past 15 years, the NAI has shaped the self-regulatory landscape for third-party digital advertising companies and will continue to do so as we are faced with new challenges.”  She continued, “The NAI is uniquely positioned to help us overcome these challenges. When the NAI speaks, it does so using the combined voices of those leaders in our industry. When the NAI speaks, it does so with industry-specific guidance tailored to the industry needs and developments. When the NAI speaks, it helps us all move forward in a unified, responsible manner.”

The full transcript of Jeanette’s remarks can be found below.

One of the highlights of the Summit was the keynote address from U.S. Department of Commerce General Counsel Kelly Welsh.  Kelly spoke about the tremendous benefits, but also risks of big data today. He said, “Under Secretary Penny Pritzker, the Department has made fostering the digital economy central to our mission to promote innovation, growth, and jobs.”  He continued, “As NAI members know well, the rapid expansion of the digital economy contributes significantly to economic growth.”

Stay tuned to our blog for more from the 2015 Summit.  And check out #NAISummit on Twitter to see photos and other content from the event. 

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