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NAI Releases 2012 Compliance Report

This morning, the NAI released the 2012 Annual Compliance Report, which describes the NAI’s multi-pronged approach to self-regulation and summarizes the NAI’s findings. The 2012 annual compliance review found that NAI members, on the whole, comply with the NAI’s Code of Conduct and take their responsibilities seriously. This is a story about innovative digital advertising companies investing significant resources to develop, implement, honor, and enforce industry best practices for online advertising.   

In conjunction with the Report, NAI also published a new education resource center to provide consumers with useful information about interest-based advertising — information that we hope will help consumers make informed choices about interest-based advertising.  

We encourage you to review both resources and to begin following us on our relaunched Twitter account! Over the next year, we will continue to enhance our compliance program; update our Code of Conduct; and add additional information to our education materials. As we move forward, we hope to work with — and hear from — a wide range of stakeholders, on Twitter, through our member ViewPoints blog, and other channels.  

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