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NAI Preliminary Comments to CPPA re: Data Broker Deletion Registry

On June 25, the NAI submitted preliminary comments on the California Privacy Protection Agency’s (CPPA) proposed rulemaking to implement the Data Broker Delete Requests and Opt-Out Platform (“DROP”). As a significant part of the NAI membership is represented on California’s data broker registry, our organization has keen interest in seeing the DROP implemented in a way that meets the intent of SB 362 while minimizing the burdens on both consumers using the DROP and registered brokers integrating with it. The comments focus on the (1) Treatment of Verifiable Consumer Requests made through the DROP; (2) Privacy-protecting design of the DROP; (3) Indicating the status of requests made through the DROP; (4) Consumer experience while using the DROP; (5) Additional comments related to the DROP.

Read the full comments here:

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