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NAI Joins Coalition to Improve Ad Experience for Consumers

NAI has joined forces with industry leaders from around the globe as a founding member of the Coalition for Better Ads. The Coalition, which was created to improve consumers’ experience with online advertising, leverages consumer insights and cross-industry expertise to develop and implement new global standards for online advertising. 

NAI member companies have long believed that a better consumer advertising experience is better for digital advertising.  Our support for the Coalition reflects not only NAI’s traditional forte of ensuring responsible data collection and use with promoting responsible consumer privacy practices, but also a commitment to a better overall digital environment – one that gives consumers the best our industry has to offer in terms of customization, choice, content, and creativity. 

The Coalition was formed by the digital advertising industry’s largest trade associations, representing a cross industry aspiration to make digital advertising better.  The Coalition shows that, as the Internet continues to develop, the consumer online advertising experience must also adapt to ensure that it responds to consumers’ evolving expectations. In reaching towards the goal of an elevated advertising experience, NAI will help direct the coalition’s mission and strategy. 

Our efforts will benefit not just consumers in the US, but globally. Through the Coalition, we will work towards standards that can be applied not just to the domestic US markets, but also internationally. The Coalition was first announced in Cologne, Germany during the Dmexco conference and a selection of the founding members include the European Publishers Council, IAB Europe, IAB Tech Labs, and the World Federation of Advertisers, as well as global  companies such as Facebook and Google. 

Over the past weeks, the Coalition has also gotten the attention of global media! With over 100 articles worldwide from leading trade and national publications, the Coalition, and its mission, has made a definitive impact.  Check out these pieces from Business Insider and AdWeek.

So, all of that is really exciting! But, now what? Here are some next steps:

  • The Coalition is working on showcasing consumer research that will drive change throughout the industry and highlight the types of ads and experiences consumers don’t want, as well as those they do. 
  • The Coalition has initiated working groups dedicated to technology and the creation of standards intended to ensure great ad experiences for consumers, as well as working groups thinking about the public policy implications of the Coalition’s work, and how companies can be held accountable for standards and best practices that will be developed. These working groups will begin their efforts shortly – and will report back to the Coalition members periodically to highlight their important work.
  • How can you help? Here are a couple of options:
  • Let NAI be your voice. As one of the founding members, NAI will help to form the long term outlook and strategy for the Coalition, as well as develop accountability practices and standards. Please give us your feedback; we will be directly involved in the working groups and the governing body, so we will ensure that the advertising technology industry is well represented. We welcome your input; please don’t be shy!
  • Join the Coalition directly. Several NAI members have already made an individual commitment to the Coalition, separate and apart from NAI’s founding membership. If you’re interested in being more directly involved, please let us know and we will put you in touch with the Coalition’s coordinators.

The Coalition’s work will greatly benefit the online advertising industry as well as raise the customer advertising experience.  NAI will provide regular updates on the Coalition’s activities in the coming months.  For additional information, please visit the Coalition’s website at

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