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NAI State Law Processing Addendum

With newly enacted privacy state laws coming into effect in 2023, it is more important than ever for industry leaders to have a clear and comprehensive agreement in place for signatories acting as both service providers and third parties.

To help advertising and publisher partners address new contracting requirements in 2023, the Network Advertising Initiative has developed sample contracting language. The NAI State Law Processing Addendum Version 1.1 addresses key issues in the industry and provides a solid foundation to cover disclosures for advertising-related transactions within the United States. 

We held a free public webinar for the rollout of this addendum on March 20, 2023. It featured Meredith Halama and Katie Cramer from Perkins Coie and outlined what the addendum entails and how it can be used.

Here’s a quick breakdown…

Below you will find our updated Addendum for your review.

Here you can download an editable document for your review and to make suggestions.

Email us to stay in touch or with questions or comments you have about the addendum. It will continue to evolve as more States regulations are being introduced and this is the best way to stay up-to-date and involved.

If you have any questions regarding this addendum, check out our Frequently Asked Questions to get a more in-depth look at the addendum.