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NAI Featured in Article on Sensitive Data and Consumer Privacy

NAI was featured today on in an article, The Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) Ensures Top Ad Companies Don’t Collect Your Sensitive Browsing Information Without Consent, that focuses on the role NAI plays in promoting responsible data collection and consumer privacy.

“The Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) recognizes the need for discretion as well as personalization in online advertising,” wrote Dating editor Hayley Matthews. “This groundbreaking organization seeks to promote consumer privacy and trust by creating and enforcing high standards for responsible data collection and use in online advertising and in mobile environments among its members.”

Anthony Matyjaszewski, VP of Compliance and Membership, discussed NAI’s approach to privacy and data collection and how the consumer’s trust is always a priority.  “There’s a presumption of anonymity when browsing the web, but that’s not always the case,” Anthony told “When a company collects data online, NAI ensures they’re doing things the right way.  If you have a private or sensitive issue, you may not want to get ads reflecting that.  To lessen the ad’s potential to cause embarrassment, advertisers in our network can require an opt in from users.”

Read the full article here.

For more information about NAI’s new Consumer Opt-Out tool, click here.

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