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NAI Comments on NTIA Kids Online Health and Safety RFC

On November 16, the NAI commented on the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s (NTIA) Request for Comment (RCF) on best practices to protect minors’ mental health, safety, and privacy online. The RFC seeks to identify both the potential risks and benefits of social media and online platforms on minors, as well as the current practices and technologies employed by these platforms. The responses to this RFC inform the development of voluntary guidance, policy recommendations, and a toolkit on safety, health, and privacy-by-design for industry in developing digital products and services.

The NAI highlights three recommendations in the comments: (1) Prohibit targeted advertising to known children and minors; (2) establish a consistent national standard for companies to avoid targeting advertising to children and minors based on actual knowledge or willful disregard of available facts; (3) establish a clear national standard for data protection assessments for digital media companies to evaluate whether their websites and online services are directed to children. 

Read the comments here:

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