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Member ViewPoint: m6d

An Interview with Andrew Pancer, COO, m6d

Q: What does Media6Degrees do?

A: Media6Degrees’ (m6d) audience-based buying platform, ProspectRank™, delivers relevant audiences to marketers by capturing a unique brand signal from existing customers, and scoring prospects based on their digital journeys through millions of websites in real-time. Additionally, with our recent acquisition of EveryScreen Media (ESM),  we will now be able to directly connect mobile devices, including their location, to web browsers, which will give marketers a bigger picture of what their customers are doing as they move between the web, smartphones and tablets and help them reach their best new prospects on whatever channel they’re currently engaging on.

Q: How long have you been an NAI member, and what key value do you see from your membership? 

A: m6d joined the NAI in 2008, and I am proud to currently serve on the NAI Board of Directors. As a third-party data-collection company, m6d receives great value from our NAI membership because the NAI fuels the maintenance and growth of the online advertising ecosystem while actively supporting consumer privacy and data rights. The NAI’s Mobile Code of Conduct has also served as an excellent guide to the industry best practices for advertising in the mobile space, and is especially important for m6d based on our recent acquisition of ESM.

Q: Our members got an up close look at ValueClick’s Amber Alert program at the NAI Member Summit in May.  Can you tell us how m6d is getting involved?

A: I attended the inaugural NAI Member Summit in the spring and was impressed with what fellow board member company, ValueClick, was doing with their Amber Alert initiative. m6d immediately reached out to ValueClick to see how we could help with the initiative by implementing our technology into the alerts program to help broaden the reach. Amber Alerts have consistently decreased year over year, and this is largely because of the involvement of targeting companies like ValueClick, 24/7 Media and m6d.

Q: What motivated you to get involved?

A: The program has the potential to help people and save lives. The fact that consumers are always connected now, whether it be via desktop or mobile devices, means that NAI members, through their broad audience reach have the potential to get geo-targeted emergency messages delivered to consumers faster than through any other medium. 

Q: Can you share your thoughts on the potential impact of the Amber Alerts as more companies like m6d join the program?

A: The ability to reach every connected device in the U.S., whether it be mobile or desktop, can help save children’s lives. NAI member companies not only have the technology to make this possible, but they also have executives, who understand how to utilize the technologies for these greater good efforts. The goal of the program is to eventually never have to use it again because it is so powerful, would-be abductors will no longer abduct children.

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