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Member Viewpoint: Datonics

An interview with Michael Benedek, President & CEO, Datonics

What does Datonics do?

Datonics (, a member of the AlmondNet Group, is an Internet data marketplace. We offer media-buying and media-sales platforms access to proprietary consumer search, purchase-intent and life-stage data segments. These segments facilitate the delivery of highly relevant, privacy-sensitive ads to consumers on all of their devices. 

How long have you been a NAI member? What prompted you to join? Why did Datonics choose to invest tremendous resources in NAI by becoming a Board member?

Privacy has always been and will always be front and center in our business and in our company DNA since the founding of our parent company, AlmondNet ( in October 1998. AlmondNet invented and evangelized the concept of incorporating an opt-out in every banner as early as 2004, becoming today’s “Ad Choices Enhanced Notice” initiative. The solution was adopted by the NAI, first with the help of the head of the NAI at the time, Chuck Curran, and followed by the rest of the online advertising industry. In 2011, the AlmondNet Data Division was spun off into Datonics and I joined the NAI board of directors in May 2013. 

Datonics’ goal is to provide consumers with the opportunity to see relevant, privacy-sensitive advertising wherever they go. In working toward this goal, we serve the entire online advertising ecosystem. No organization is more aligned with this goal than the NAI, and it is our absolute pleasure to serve the industry through our active participation as a member of the NAI board.

How does Datonics work with DSPs, DMPs, and other members of the online advertising ecosystem? Do you see that role evolving?

Datonics data is integrated within and leveraged by media-buying and media-sales platforms, including agency trading desks, advertising networks and demand-side platforms (DSPs), for themselves or on behalf of their clients in order to achieve their specific goals for a digital marketing campaign. These goals may include customer acquisition, branding, engagement and ROI/CPM maximization, among others.  

We continually invest in and educate our clients as well as their clients about available data sets and use cases. I expect this process to continue and become even more necessary as we expand our data offering.

How have changes in the privacy landscape spurred changes in your business?

Providing consumers with a positive, relevant and privacy-sensitive experience is essential for ensuring the health and growth of the entire online advertising ecosystem. Maintaining consumer trust is essential for helping marketers reach a receptive audience that is in purchasing mode. Consumer confidence is also critical for data providers, who receive an incremental revenue stream, and for data buyers, who maximize ROI from their media buying and sales activities.

What’s the greatest value that NAI provides to Datonics?

The NAI ensures the health and sustainability of the online advertising ecosystem that is essential for the growth of our business in a rapidly evolving landscape. We’re proud to have a voice in how the NAI helps to set the bar for the way third parties manage consumer privacy. We also greatly appreciate that the NAI helps educate and provide a forum for those in the industry as well as for consumers. We look forward to remaining involved with the NAI for many years to come.

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