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Member Viewpoint: Casale Media

An Interview with Julia Casale, Chief Marketing Officer, Casale Media

Q: What does Casale Media do?

A: We are an advertising technology company. We design and build the robust, evolutionary computing systems that power both our programmatic exchange platform, Index, and our premium advertising network, MediaNet.  

Q: What prompted you to join the NAI, and how long have you been a member? 

A: We believe in and fully endorse the initiatives being undertaken by the NAI and its code of ethics. Membership was an obvious way to lend support to these critical efforts as well as demonstrate our philosophical alignment. We have been members since 2010.

Q: Casale Media has been a longtime supporter of the NAI’s mission to further consumer understanding of online advertising and industry self-regulation.  Can you explain how your company got involved in the NAI’s Consumer Education Campaign, and why?

A: We got involved in the NAI’s Consumer Education Campaign to help them spread awareness about online consumer privacy. This took the form of a commitment to contribute media from our premium advertising network, MediaNet, to the campaign over the second half of 2013.

Q: In your opinion, why is consumer education important for online advertising companies?

A: Adverting online is a highly complex and technical process; we can’t expect consumers to trust in something that they don’t understand. Communicating proactively and transparently is the best way for us to promote a healthy and universally valued digital ecosystem. 

Q: Besides getting involved in programs like the NAI’s Consumer Education Campaign, what other steps can companies take to ensure consumers are kept informed of their choices around online advertising?

A: It all starts with being transparent about your company’s privacy practices – paving a clear path along which consumers can learn about what you do, why it matters, and what their choices are. If you’re serious about consumer privacy, membership is a great way to demonstrate your commitment. Industry bodies like the NAI not only facilitate the pooling of resources to promote consumer education and ethical privacy practices, but they also make it possible to deliver a consistent message from a collective industry voice, which helps foster consumer trust.

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