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NAI News

|> NAI’s First Ever Privacy Hackathon: May 2017

The NAI is hosting its first privacy hackathon, bringing together hackers of all stripes: designers, programmers, and lawyers to think about privacy solutions. We encourage companies to use the opportunity to focus on privacy for a bit, and we won’t be requiring anyone to open source their work: only to share what you create. NAI will promote the good work of our companies working to respect consumer privacy. Prizes will be awarded on May 16th, the day before the NAI Summit, to top teams. To sign up, find a team, or get more info, visit

|> NAI Speaks At FTC’s Smart TV Workshop

The FTC held a workshop on smart, connected, and addressable TV technology on December 7th, 2016. The NAI’s Shaq Katikala spoke on a panel discussing the privacy implications of televisions that participate in the online advertising ecosystem by either collecting information for the purpose of displaying targeted ads or displaying targeted ads. We explained why the effectiveness of self-regulation of online advertising shares parallels with how smart televisions can be similarly self-regulated.

FTC News

|> Privacy Enforcing Power Flows From FCC To FTC

The FCC is being urged to decline to enforce privacy rules from the Obama administration, setting the stage for privacy-enforcement responsibility to vest in the FTC.

|> FTC’s Acting Chair Olhausen is Self-Regulation Advocate

Olhausen, who has been an FTC commissioner since 1997, named acting chair, and reportedly in the running for a permanent position.

Tech Updates

|> New Chrome Browser Settings

Chrome now offers more clarity into which browser capabilities a website is requesting or accessing simply by clicking the icon to the left of the web address in the omnibox. Notably, users can quickly access the list of cookies on their browser instead of having to go through the browser’s content settings.

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