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Looking Toward the Future: NAI’s New Compliance Software

NAI reviews its member companies’ compliance with the NAI Code of Conduct on an ongoing basis. Last year, we used an in-house automated tool that looked for issues in the functionality of opt-out cookies. As members fixed these issues promptly after notification, the tool helped consumers have a more consistent experience when exercising choice on the NAI’s opt-out page. 

Now, the online advertising ecosystem is transitioning away from cookies and moving to mobile devices, location data, and non-cookie technologies. With an eye to the future, NAI recently finished a major upgrade of our automated tool to spot compliance issues with new technologies and new devices. 

The new compliance software provides a more comprehensive view of the online activities of our members by looking at opt-outs, relevant data collection practices, and privacy policies. This tool is designed to detect opt-out errors on desktop browsers, mobile browsers, mobile apps, and other platforms. Using proprietary technology, it will be capable of producing insights on nearly all major forms of online data collection. That includes not just cookies, but location data, personal directory data, client-side storage, and active statistical identifiers. It also includes an integrated privacy policy scanner, which helps spot changes to members’ business models and practices that may raise potential compliance questions. 

Ultimately, the updated tool should provide NAI with a unique view of the online advertising ecosystem and the ability to be technology-neutral in enforcing its Code of Conduct. Equipped with enhanced enforcement tools, NAI remains the gold standard of privacy for third party advertisers. The software is currently in its alpha stage and will be deployed shortly.

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