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Feedback Requested: The NAI Advanced TV Working Group Publishes Draft Guidance

The move from traditional television to smart and connected televisions is accelerating. Few televisions sold today do not have some smart or connectivity feature, and digital advertisers and regulators alike have taken notice. With the growth of data-enabled television comes privacy concerns, and the NAI commenced a working group to develop standards for NAI members demonstrating responsible use of data.

Draft Guidance

Now, the NAI’s Advanced TV Working Group has published a draft for comment entitled “Guidance for Members: Viewed Content Advertising.” The draft is the result of many meetings, redlines, compromises, and discussions with privacy organizations and we are proud of the hard work of each participant.

This guidance does not weaken any existing guidance. It clarifies that the NAI’s Cross-Device Linking guidance applies to data collected from televisions as devices. It embraces the trend of advanced TV OSes converging with existing mobile operating systems. The Viewed Content Advertising guidance requires opt-in consent for technologies that collect all or nearly all of the viewing activity on a television, implementing the core principle enumerated Vizio.

What Now?

The 24 members of the Working Group have crafted every word carefully, but no one can see the whole picture. We invite NAI member companies to read the guidance and provide their constructive feedback via Grant Nelson (grant AT before June 12th. The NAI has shared this and previous drafts, with several privacy organizations and looks forward to reading the suggestions for improvement.

Read the finalized Guidance.

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