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Delahunt for JetBlue, McGivern for Justice Action

SPOTTED at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s 20th anniversary party last night at Brick & Mortar: Larry Duncan from Lockheed Martin, Stu Ingis from Venable, Dave Grimaldi from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Shawn Donilon from NAB, Rachel Wolbers from TwinLogic, Dan Jaffe from ANA, Dick O’Brien from the 4As, Ed Desmond from the Toy Industry Association, Michelle Persaud from T-Mobile, Lyndon Boozer from AT&T, Todd Thorpe from News Corp, Leigh Freund from the Network Advertising Initiative, Matt Gelman from Microsoft, Bijan Madhani from CCIA, Kara Sutton from Trans Atlantic Business Council, Rita Cohen with Magazine Publishers of America, and Randall Rothenberg, Dave Grimaldi, Brad Weltman, and Alex Propes with IAB.

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