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NAI Celebrates Data Privacy Day by Expanding Participation in Working Groups to Industry Partners

This Data Privacy Day finds the digital advertising industry at a critical juncture, with consumer privacy concerns emerging as both a challenge and an opportunity for the ecosystem.  Technology is evolving more rapidly than ever, and with new innovation brings a responsibility for more accountability to the user of such technology. With consumer trust lagging, and policymakers looking for enhanced accountability, the NAI is excited to reveal that we are creating an opportunity for better ecosystem collaboration to protect consumer data and restore consumer trust. 

The NAI is officially extending an invitation for broad industry participation in our three standing working groups: the Public Policy Working Group, State Legal and Regulatory Working Group, and Data Governance Working Group, which is focused on developing critical privacy guidance and best practices around the deployment of new technology solutions.  These working groups will continue to offer a forum for information sharing and peer-to-peer learning, towards our goal of maintaining strong industry partnerships around privacy-centric practices, and collaborating on solutions for the complex challenges faced by the digital advertising ecosystem. 

The NAI has been a thought leader on privacy for more than 20 years, helping its members implement best practices and stay ahead of regulatory trends, as well as serving as a driving force to raise privacy standards more broadly across the digital ads ecosystem. We now welcome direct engagement in these efforts from publishers, advertisers, agencies, OEMs, and others. In addition, organizations that join a working group gain access to the NAI’s biweekly Digital Download newsletter, the ability to address company – specific questions to NAI staff, early release of white papers, as well as invitations, speaking opportunities, and supporter discounts for NAI events. 

If you are not already an NAI member but would like to join these efforts, sign up now for one, two, or all three of our working groups by completing the registration form.

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