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Cross-Industry Program Broadens Scope of Self Regulation

Today the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) took a significant step for online industry self regulation by announcing new principles governing the collection and use of Web usage data. The Multi-Site Data Principles go beyond behavioral advertising, and provide a broad framework for the collection and use of Web viewing data across non-affiliated Web sites gathered by a particular computer or device. The Multi-Site Data Principles provide clear benchmarks for user choice for multi-site data, as well as establishing restrictions on any use of such data for any adverse purpose in employment, credit, health care, or insurance eligibility determinations. Like the existing OBA principles, the new Multi-Site principles also provide specific protections for sensitive data.

The NAI applauds this significant expansion of industry self regulation and accountability. The new Multi-Site Principles are responsive to recent calls by policymakers for a more comprehensive framework governing online data collection, as well as to concerns about inappropriate secondary uses of such data. Given the breadth of participation in the DAA by companies across the online ecosystem, the new Principles will help establish a substantive framework for online choice and accountability that enhance consumer confidence.

Separately, the NAI continues to advance the deployment of the Advertising Choice icon. The icon is now supported by dozens of NAI Member companies and has already provided consumers with hundreds of billions of impressions delivering enhanced notice and choice for online behavioral advertising. Together with the new Principles, the progress to date on OBA choices shows what can be accomplished on behalf of consumers through cross-industry deployment of self-regulatory solutions.

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