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As I assume the role of vice president of member services and business development at NAI, I’d like every one of our members to know how pleased and proud I am to join and help expand the organization as well as get to know you all.  I was chiefly attracted to this role by the membership, a group of professionals that are deeply dedicated to self-regulation and responsible advertising.  As we work together, please know that outperforming against member needs will always be my focus, whether it is:

  • Evangelizing NAI as a place to develop, discuss, and champion third-party best industry practices in online privacy and data management
  • Supporting NAI in its effort to protect the diverse, ad-supported Internet model by helping define an enforceable set of standards that encourages innovation, successful business models, and effective advertising while also promoting responsible data practices and consumer privacy 
  • Growing our membership by encouraging more third-party advertising technology companies who agree with the responsible business and data management practices that NAI promotes

Most importantly, I will support NAI’s continuing efforts to generate positive brand awareness around the value of the exemplary models our members continuously hone to promote transparency and meaningful choice while educating consumers.  

Prior to joining NAI, I spent the lion’s share of my career leading advertising sales and product development in the digital media market space, including my most recent tenure as EVP/Managing Director at SourceMedia, where I oversaw the company’s Professional Services Group.  Previously, I served as COO for Louise Blouin Media (LMB), Senior VP and General Manager of Jupiter Online Media, and both President and CEO at Thomson Media and Securities Data Publishing, divisions of Thomson Financial, which is now Thomson Reuters. 

I share this information to underscore the fact that until now, I was primarily a beneficiary of the value NAI and its members deliver.  It was during those early days that my deep respect for the passion and commitment of NAI’s staff and members was sparked.  Needless to say, I am both grateful and excited to be a part of the NAI mission. 

Thank you and looking forward to working with all of you.

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