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Agenda for the NAI Meetup @ Brand Safety Week!

On November 3, 2022, at One Liberty Plaza in New York From 1:30 – 4:00pm ET

Join privacy experts from leading platforms, data companies, brands, and agencies for lively discussions about what new technologies, laws, and consumer expectations around privacy mean for the present and future of digital advertising.

Check out our speakers and agenda below!

The event will open with a 15-minute fireside chat with Jon Suarez Davis, SVP of Marketing Strategy & Innovation at Salesforce, about the importance of privacy as a brand safety value and growing investment vehicle for venture capital.

Panel 1 – 1:45PM-2:15PM | Returns and risk – Can privacy be a brand value? Or is it only a risk management issue?


  • Leigh Freund, President & CEO, NAI


  • Richy Glassberg, Co-Founder & CEO, Safeguard Privacy
  • Brian Kane, Co-Founder & COO, SourcePoint
  • Jonathan Joseph, Head of Solutions & Marketing, Ketch

As privacy takes center stage in global policy debates, consumer data use for tailored content and advertising is facing increased scrutiny and, in some cases, calls for outright bans on data collection. In this highly critical environment, how can brands interact with their customers, and acquire new ones, in a privacy safe way? Are there guardrails or best practices for creating experiences that both respect consumer privacy and utilize data driven insights that drive engagement and heighten brand perception? Join us for a fireside chat that explores the idea of privacy as a brand safety value, and shares tips for engaging consumers while respecting their privacy choices.

Panel 2 – 2:15PM-2:45PM | Practical advice for managing targeted campaigns through tumultuous changes in advertising & privacy technology.


  • Jason Chambers, Executive Advisor of Data and Identity, The 614 Group


  • Samantha Jacobson, Chief Strategy Officer, The Trade Desk
  • Alex Propes, Strategic Partner Manager, Industry Relations, Google
  • Anthony Katsur, CEO, IAB TechLab 

How will changes in ad tech impact the future of advertising? Agencies and brands face a myriad of challenges when it comes to managing and implementing brand campaigns. Privacy concerns are a relatively new addition to these challenges, and add complexity to an already complicated landscape, with innovations in privacy enhancing technologies changing the way ad buys are implemented. This session will give participants practical advice on how to weave privacy centric solutions into brand strategies, and how to integrate privacy-safe advertising solutions while still achieving campaign goals.

Panel 3 – 2:345-3:30pm | Using precise location data without a privacy meltdown.


  • Wendy Davis, Senior Writer, MediaPost 


  • Gerald Smith, EVP, Privacy & Legal, CUBIQ
  • Gary Kibel, Partner, Davis & Gilbert
  • David LeDuc, VP, Public Policy, NAI 

The use of precise location data in advertising has come under intense scrutiny from regulators, lawmakers, and the press, particularly in light of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, but remains an important tool in effective brand marketing. How can companies safely use location data in brand campaigns to reach geographically relevant audiences? Are there specific locations that should never be used for advertising purposes? This session will highlight how critically important it is for agencies and advertisers to work with location data partners that have a shared focus on data integrity and consumer privacy. In addition, participants will learn more about the NAI’s enhanced location data standards, which set limitations on the use of data about sensitive locations and put consumer privacy first, while enabling location data’s continued crucial role in brand marketing.

Panel 4 – 3:30PM-4:00PM | Lightning round: Five privacy-related threats and opportunities in 5 minutes each (Congress, FTC, children’s privacy, location data, California).


  • Leigh Freund, President & CEO, NAI


  • Alan Chapell, President, Chapell & Associates
  • David Wainberg, Founder, PrivacyWise LLC
  • Julia Shullman, Founder, Coir
  • Julie Rubash, Chief Privacy Counsel, SourcePoint

Join us for a lightning round session addressing the industry’s most pressing privacy related challenges and opportunities; the proposed FTC rulemaking, Congressional action on data privacy (childrens’ privacy, location data, and data collection and use generally), California’s CPRA implementation and enforcement, additional state privacy initiatives, and platform controls (among others). This panel will identify the challenges facing the industry, and highlight the opportunities for real solutions that will bring stability and growth to the industry.

This includes a break. NAI sessions will be followed by the brand keynote, which will be followed by a reception.

Register for the event Here.

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