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ABC News Covers OBA Interest Managers

Yahoo! is one of several NAI member companies that have introduced tools that give consumers an enhanced ability to view and manage their online advertising preferences.  We’ve provided links to some of these tools on the right side of the NAI Blog page (“Member Initiatives:  Ad Interest Managers”).

Anne Toth, Yahoo!’s VP & Head of Privacy, recently appeared on ABC News to discuss Yahoo!’s Ad Interest Manager. The Yahoo! ad interest manager lets users select or de-select the types of preference categories used to show them relevant advertising. As Anne said, “It’s about empowering the consumer to manage their online experience, and make it even more relevant to them.”   Preference management tools like Yahoo!’s give users transparency into the ad categories used to provide them with online advertisements.  As the NAI’s recent study shows, more relevant advertising is an important revenue source for Web content and services providers offering consumers such services free of charge.

Check out the video here.

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