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A Look Ahead: Summary of NAI All-Member Call Held This Week

NAI conducted a member update conference call earlier this week.  More than 50 NAI members participated and during the hour-long conference call, the NAI team briefed members on important issues and shared some new and exciting updates.

I had the opportunity to formally introduce new members of the NAI team.  Jurgen Van Staden serves as counsel and assistant director of policy for NAI.  He’ll conduct annual compliance reviews and help members comply with the NAI Code of Conduct.  He’ll also be working with the NAI staff, Board and membership to address policy developments that may impact the Code or the third-party digital advertising ecosystem.  Ilya Kaindin is an associate for the NAI and provides administrative support and assists the NAI with event management. 

On issues, I highlighted for members the NAI’s ongoing work on guidance for the use of non-cookie technologies for Interest-Based Advertising (IBA) and related purposes consistent with the NAI Self-Regulatory Code of Conduct framework. The NAI recognizes that the digital advertising ecosystem is rapidly evolving and individual companies are developing new technologies and business models to address changes in the ecosystem.  During the brief overview, I separated out the initiative into four related discussions: (1) the collection of data across unaffiliated websites on a browser; (2) the collection of data across unaffiliated mobile applications on a device; (3) linking apps and browsers on a device; and (4) cross device.  As our members know, the NAI Code requires notice and choice with respect to IBA and imposes a host of substantive restrictions on NAI member companies’ collection, use, and transfer of data used for IBA. These requirements are designed with generally accepted Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPS) in mind and we are exploring how these core principles apply in different contexts while remaining technology and business model neutral.  For each of the four related initiatives, we are looking at technical, legal and policy issues so that we produced logical and practical policies that can be implemented and honored at scale by the full range of NAI member companies.  

Members of the NAI team also discussed with members updates to the NAI Code and the new NAI Mobile App Code. 

I was also pleased to announce that we have added the services of a new strategic communications firm to help raising awareness among policymakers and other key audiences about NAI.   NAI will be working with the Policy Resolution Group at Bracewell & Giuliani to emphasize the important role that NAI members play in the Internet Ecosystem and the digital eco-system, as well as NAI’s role as an effective self-regulatory association that maintains and ensures high standards.  NAI members can look for updates to the website, a more robust media relations program, and a more active social media presence.

Finally, I was pleased to remind members that, in addition to our home in Washington, DC office, NAI now has a New York City office located at 156 5th Ave.  Members should feel free to come by the new office or request that a member of the New York team visit member offices.

I’ll be providing ongoing updates on these issues so watch this space!

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