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A Fond Farewell and Thank You to Jim Campbell

It is a great honor to post this farewell and open thank you letter to long-time NAI team member, Jim Campbell. Since NAI’s early days, Jim has played critical roles for our organization. Throughout his tenure, Jim has also engaged with and supported 100 percent of our members.  I kid you not, Jim can name each of you by company, member name, and the year you joined. 

For many years, Jim served as the face of our membership as we grew from a handful of members to over 100!  During Jim’s tenure, he also helped all of us at NAI to introduce our Code, revise compliance initiatives to support a rapidly evolving marketplace and perpetually enhance the work we do for the industry, consumers and, most of all, our members.

As a result of Jim’s commitment and passion, the NAI is a better organization.  As Jim prepares for his next role at the International Association of Privacy Professionals, he will once again work with NAI founder and friend Trevor Hughes, and we can all look forward to collaborating with Jim in his new post. Jim, you will always be a “friend of NAI.”  But, don’t just take it from me. Here’s what two other NAI leaders had to say when I asked how to best bid you farewell.

  • Douglas Miller, Vice President and Global Privacy Leader, AOL; Chairman, NAI Board of Directors:  “Jim deeply believes in the mission of NAI and has always embodied the commitment to  high standards and protection of  consumer  privacy we value most. It is wonderful to see his passion for privacy leading him to IAPP.  It benefits us all to have him remain fighting for what we know is right. Congratulations, Jim.”  
  • Rob Gratchner, Founder and CEO, Cascade Privacy Consulting and Former Chairman, NAI Board of Directors: “Anyone that knows Jim knows that his commitment to the ideals NAI puts first is unwavering. Jim was an extremely valuable asset to the NAI, and I know that he will be an invaluable part of the IAPP in his new role. Congratulations, Jim.” 

Following in Jim’s footsteps and carrying the torch for the NAI is new member of the team, Ryan Cliche. We will be introducing all members to Ryan and the work he will be doing to expand on our expansion initiatives soon. 

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