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A Dozen Privacy Rock Stars Makes One Great Organization

Any reader of this blog knows that NAI is a non-profit, self-regulatory organization dedicated to responsible data collection and use for digital advertising. What you may not know is that NAI is led by an elected Board of Directors from a diverse cross-section of member companies. 

Time for a little boasting. No other industry organization has a Board of Directors comprised of individuals who have the depth of experience, reputation and accomplishments in the privacy and advertising sectors as the 12 members of NAI’s Board. 

Our board is unique because the members are not only experts in privacy, but they are industry leaders in business and advertising. Why is that important to our members? The fact that our Board members understand privacy issues and are accomplished business leaders in advertising means that they understand the challenges faced by our member companies. Our Board understands privacy issues and online advertising, and thus can craft thoughtful, practical, scalable standards that benefit everyone. They are privacy executive all-stars from the advertising industry – a unique talent pool in its composition and depth, with a cross-section of experience. They are lawyers, engineers, policy experts and business leaders.

What a combo. Here is a quick overview of their experience, and I urge you to click on their names to read additional information about them:

Doug Miller is Vice President and Global Privacy Leader at AOL and also leads the NAI Board as its Chairman. At AOL, Doug oversees a range of privacy operations including guidance, compliance, education, and planning. He became a full-time privacy professional in 1998. Estelle Werth is based in Paris, France and brings a European perspective. She is Global Privacy Officer at Criteo, a global leader in digital performance display advertising, where she manages risks and business impacts of privacy laws and regulation ensuring privacy protection of users. Dstillery COO Andrew Pancer was previously Vice President of Digital Development at the New York Times, and COO and CFO of, where revenues exceeded $100 million and profits tripled during his tenure.

Board member Shane Wiley leads the privacy and data governance teams at Yahoo! supporting nearly 700 million users across 190 products, services, and platforms in over 50 markets in 29 languages operating across PCs, mobile devices, and cutting edge consumer electronics. 

Our Board is comprised of top industry leaders, but as important, these members have demonstrated a commitment by word and deed to the NAI mission — develop and enforce high standards for the collection and use of information for digital advertising. Within their companies, each person serves as an evangelist for privacy best practices that promote consumer trust and brand reputations. Alexis Goltra is Chief Privacy Officer and Asst. General Counsel for Privacy & Security at Oracle and manages Oracle’s global privacy and data protection compliance program. David Wainberg drives his company’s response to an array of complex policy issues deeply intertwined with technology as Privacy & Policy Counsel at AppNexus. Brooks Dobbs is Chief Privacy Officer at KBMGroup where he is responsible for global privacy compliance across member companies. Brooks was “present at the creation” — his experience goes back to Double Click and he has worked with NAI since our organization’s inception. Jason Bier is the Chief Privacy Officer at Conversant where he manages external public policy matters as well as oversees the company’s internal privacy best practices globally. Jason plays a leadership role with the Federation for Internet Alerts, an organization that leverages emerging technologies to provide life-saving alerts online for tornado warnings and missing children.

Michael Benedek, President and CEO of Datonics LLC, has over 20 years of business experience in the Internet, Financial Services (with Bank Hapoalim B.M. in Tel Aviv, Israel), and Healthcare (with Shahal Medical Services Ltd. In Tel Aviv, Israel) fields. For more than a decade, Alan Chapell has helped marketers build customer trust through responsible privacy practices as President of Chapell & Associates and has helped over 100 media and technology companies craft their privacy and data strategies. 

Will DeVries is Privacy Counsel for Google, advising Google’s product teams on privacy legal issues worldwide. He previously worked for Google in Washington, DC as Policy Counsel on regulatory and legislative issues ranging from social networking to online advertising to government access to user data. Matthew Haies, Vice President, General Counsel at Xaxis where he oversees the company’s worldwide legal strategy. 

NAI Board members ensure that NAI continues to be the industry leader in its commitment to responsible data collection and use for digital advertising. We couldn’t do what we do without them, and they deserve recognition for their commitment and dedication to our industry.

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