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5 Takeaways from NAI Summit 2015

As we wrote last week, NAI Summit 2015 was a huge success!

Having joined NAI in March, this was my first Summit as CEO. A few reactions: I was encouraged by the extremely high energy throughout the day-long event. I was impressed by the commitment our member companies have shown and continue to show to NAI and our programs. I was pleased to see that NAI is respected by policymakers and is perceived as a leading organization making the right decisions. And I was inspired because I know NAI is not afraid of moving forward and making big changes. Here are a few of my takeaways from the Summit:

  1. Effective self-regulation means evolving along with innovative new technologies that promote creativity and drive the Internet economy. NAI is pushing ahead. In the last month, we’ve released an update to our Code of Conduct and guidance for Beyond Cookies. We’re constantly looking forward to emerging technologies and working on measures that can help our member companies continue to lead innovation in digital advertising.
  2. Self-regulation is working! Regulators and legislators can trust our industry to be responsible, nimble, flexible and privacy-minded. Influential government officials from the Federal Trade Commission and the Commerce Department have noted that the expansion of the digital economy has a major, positive impact on economic growth and that government and that industry will need to work together to ensure that business can excel responsibly.
  3. Cross device offers exciting new opportunities, but also raises complex issues of law, technology, and policy. This emerging technology exists in somewhat of a policy vacuum – and it is right in NAI’s wheelhouse to solve! Our Beyond Cookies guidance is a good first step toward bringing transparency and rigor to bold new technologies, and we’re looking forward to convening our member working group to help advance the cause.
  4. Global harmonization in privacy and self-regulation is a goal for NAI member companies and others working on digital policy. When data can flow openly and securely across borders, the global economy thrives, creating jobs and enhancing trade.
  5. The evolving Internet of Things fosters a useful, intimate connection between people and the technologies they depend on every day. This connection can make work and play more personalized and more efficient. NAI can help drive strong privacy programs to improve lives and protect data.

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