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2015 Update to the NAI Code

In 2013, the NAI released the 2013 Code of Conduct, which significantly revised and updated the NAI’s self-regulatory framework. 

Today, the NAI is releasing the 2015 update to the Code, which intends to clarify certain obligations present in the 2013 Code of Conduct, and the accompanying commentary, in response to questions received by the NAI staff from members.  I want to emphasize and be clear that the updated Code is not adding new substantive requirements for members. 

For example, the update to the Code clarifies and emphasizes that members’ “Interest-Based Advertising” activities based on sensitive health conditions or treatments require “Opt-In Consent.” Although these interpretations were discussed in the commentary to the 2013 Code of Conduct, they have been moved directly into the text of the Code in this 2015 update for additional clarity. 

We will work with members to ensure that they understand the updated Code as we begin the 2015 annual compliance reviews. As always, I encourage our members to reach out to NAI compliance staff with any questions or comments.

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